Need some inspiration for new meals to try? Let me point you in some new directions...

I only recently found this website, but I so love this website! The goal is to make food that's good for kids and grown-ups to eat but will also be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. There are sections for first foods, toddler foods, and school lunches, but I spend most of my time on the Family Meals section (tagline: One Family, One Meal). She just released a cookbook, and someone has a birthday coming up... ;)

This has been on my frontpage for about two years now, and hardly a recipe goes by that I don't want to devour (chocolate swirl buns, anyone?) Not all of these recipes are Weight Watchers friendly, but a lot of the salads and vegetarian recipes are easy enough to lighten up. And did I mention the pumpkin cinnamon rolls?

This is another relatively new find for me, but its come with high recommendations! From the website: "To feel good, they choose to eat clean and eat from nature instead of natural foods stripped to form processed foods such as crackers, spreads/sauces and sugary snacks." I eat clean as much as possible, but not 100% of the time. These recipes make it look much more attainable!

Easy recipes, common ingredients, and nutrition information right on the page to make cooking, shopping, and tracking super-easy. I love that you can browse through their recipe collections based on dietary needs or season of the year. 
It would have been a really good idea for me to provide a recipe from one of these sites this evening, eh? 

Well, one thing I've learned by tracking publicly is that I'm in a bit of a food rut. I grab what's easy to eat on the run for breakfast, I don't think too outside-the-box for lunch, but dinners are all right. Maybe I'll have to shake things up a bit for week #2?


  • Pumpkin muffin (tasty, but... yawn...)
  • Banana
  • coffee


  • English muffin sandwich (whole wheat English muffin, 1 laughing cow light wedge, 1 serving chicken breast lunch meat, romaine lettuce)
  • Grapes (1 cup)
  • Popcorn (3 cups)


  • Breakfast for dinner! Woo Hoo!
  • Pancakes (2 - 1/4 cup scoops onto the griddle is 4 points) topped with agave syrup
  • Turkey kielbasa, 4oz
  • bananas & apples


  • Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked FroYo (Really? You haven't gone out to try this yet? Its actually overall better for you than their Greek FroYo.)

Tomorrow is the day of truth... boy I really hope this week is a decent loss after putting this all out there!

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