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There are so many interesting, funky, helpful, and appetizing food blogs out there - there's never enough time to read them all. I was turned on to a few new ones while I was looking through the Bloggie nominees, and then I started to pay attention to sites that other bloggers recommended. Its overall overwhelming. But, here are (in the order in which I discovered them, not necessarily by any other ranking) a few blogs and some favorite blog posts to show you what I've been reading! Of course this is an incredibly small sampling, but I hope it whets your appetite!

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Candied Ginger
This one was a little too strong on the ginger for me, but Steve still talks about it. I'm going to give it another go with a little less candied ginger. I'm fairly certian it will be a special-occasion staple.
Bouchons au Thon
Wow, I just realized how long its been since I made these. Too long. These are wonderful, easy, and loved by everyone in our house.

Summer's Last Hurrah Panzanella
What's not to love about toasted bread and fresh veggies?
Smashed Chickpea Salad
I just made this last week and it made for some amazing sandwiches. And some spoonfuls inbetween meals. But when its pretty good for you, its probably nothing I need to feel guilty about.
Couscous and Feta Stuffed Peppers
Really hearty and again, pretty good for you. I haven't made this one in a while either... I'm glad I'm going through my personal archives!

I told Steve I'd be making this during the summer... I'd better not go back on my word!

Pico de Gallo & Guacamole
Everyone has their own spin on these two items, but I highly recommend these as go-to renditions, or a jumping-off point for your own variety. 
Cinnamon Rolls
I've posted on these before. Go make them.


These blogs I've only just discovered, so here are a few ideas from their recipe archives that I very much look forward to trying:
Food in Jars
Granola and Fruit Studded Pancakes
Canning Whole Peeled Tomatoes
Dilly Beans

5 Second Rule
Oven-Baked Oatmeal

Simply Recipes
Grilled Tomatoes
Veggie Tacos

Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart

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